The whole body swapping was done great, Dwayne
Johnson is playing a nerd who finds himself in Dwayne Johnson’s body, he looks
at himself and own huge biceps with the same admiration as the rest of us do,
and then you have Karen Gillian the misfit brainy girl who looks down at her
long skinny legs as if to think ” How the hell do I was on these things”. Jack
Black developed into a young blonde girl who hates the reflection that she
looks like a 40 something year old man, looking at Jack Black play a teenager girl
is something that you won’t want to miss it’s comical and not something that
you don’t want to be apart of, while the miniature Kevin Hart the avatar of a
kid screams out ”Where is the rest of me?” The cast do an amazing job in
portraying the terrified, horrified, insecure teens who are learning to control
their avatar bodies