Formation [19] and it is compatible to repair

Formation of hydrated minerals from calcium
carbonate saturated solutions is rather complex, but they form at natural
condition at low temperature condition and at relatively high-pressure
conditions. Such an environment is possible to occur in pore spaces occurring
in building structures in tropical and temperate regions. The volume changes
during hydration and dehydration of these hydrates induce hairline cracks
during the course of time by repeated influxes and evaporation of capillary seepage
pore fluids.

Chloride Phases

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3.2.1 Physical and chemical
characterization of pore fluids

The lime mortar is relatively soft and porous
than Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) mortars 19 and it is compatible to repair
and renovate heritage structures. The sizes of the pores present in lime mortar
materials used in the current study are widely vary from >10?m to 10?m. On the contrary, if the
pore sizes reduced to