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Lucid dreaming is a state in which the sleeper becomes alert and conscious that he or she is dreaming. The actual imagery experienced in this state is often experience claimed to be far more vivid and full of life than in normal, non-lucid states and it is extremely difficult for even the most veteran lucid dreamers to ascertain whether the experience is waking reality or not. In this state the dreamer can take control over who appears and what is dreamed, and the experience is most often accompanied by marvelous and euphoric sense of powers delight and heightened faculties. It remains a relatively rare state and does to some extent depend upon a natural inclination or knack. Although some people undeniably have a certain talent for this type of dreaming, with care, patience and persistence, almost anyone can experience becoming conscious while still asleep and technically dreaming. You can learn to control your dreams, directing and producing them in any way you desire, with the most miraculous results and insights. Lucid dreams are reasonably difficult for most people like ( Holzinger, LaBerge, & Levitan, 2006.) Traditionally those interested in learning how to induce lucid dreams have relied on a combination of increased dream recall, state testing (i.e. performing reality checks), and recognizing dream signs LaBerge & Rheingold, 1990. This method has been successful for some, but many struggles to achieve only limited or brief success. In the classical Vedanta (a Hindu philosophy based on the doctrine of the Upanishads, especially in its monistic form.) text, it is said that the Self ensheathed by five bodies which are identified as a food or gross sheath, the vital, the mind the intellect, and the bliss sheaths. The food sheath is the physical body, the abode of the waking state. The vital sheath is that which determines the internal forces of vitality and the actions of external sensation. The mind and intellect sheaths are the sources of discrimination identification which make up the separate subject of “me” and “mine.” The foundational dreaming body is the physical. Only the past decade has there been any interest shown in the state by the scientific community, or awareness of it in the popular culture. Ten years ago many psychologists and neurophysiologist refused to even acknowledge its existence. However, through the persistent efforts of such researchers as Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University or Kith Hearne in England, the Lucid dream has been suddenly enthusiastically embraced as a scientific reality.How to Lucid Dream?The practitioner should relax the body and begin to visualize an imaginary trap-door within his or her brain. Breathing should be deep and regular and the eyes rolled backwards, directed at a point between the eyebrows. After a while a certain clam numbness will settle over the body, probably starting at the feet. For some this may be experienced as a muscular rigidity which can become quite painful in the beginning, especially centered in the jaws. A pressure is felt in the head, but if the subject perseveres a pale radiance illuminate the room, accompanied by brief flashes of light and an increasing noise. The noise can often reach almost deafening pitch. The subject now may be experiencing the sensation of having two bodies, a static outer body and a more fluid inner body which may appear to be trapped within it. The trick is to visualize, with all one’s intent, the subtle body escaping through the trap-door of the brain. The incorporeal self-gathers at the pineal gland, as if preparing to leap out through the door, This glad is located in the center of the brain and has long been associated with the third eye. It was once even believed to be the seat of the soul. The illumination around the subject now may appears to become intensely bright and the noise increases until there is a strange sensation of passing through the trapdoor and with a kind of “pop” you have passed through the ” Pineal Door.” The noise ceases and the light calms and the student, as Fox then relates, “can get out of bed in leisurely fashion and walk away, leaving his entranced body behind him on the bed.” The plane that the second body inhabits appears to operate under the law of “what you imagine is what get.” It is precisely the same realm of the will that is to be found in the controlled lucid dream.Robert MonroeRobert Monroe is an explorer of the inner dimension who has to find his own “sink or swim” technique, also who later worked in co-operation with Dr. Charles Tart University of California. Monroe was tested during his out-of-body experiences. They are four part of this out-of-body experiences and was named local I, and local II. .In the local I, the experiences were fascinating visitations to friends who were unaware of his presence, and exploring his familiar and known environment. Commonly a new plane of events begin to claim his attention, which he described as: “an immensity whose bounds are unknown, which has depth and dimension incomprehensible to finite, conscious mind. In this vastness lie all the aspects we attribute to Heaven and Hell.”Local II is a place where time is non-lineal, and in one sense completely non-existent. There is an only a “now,” in which just to imagine or to think something, immediately make it happen. He believed that it was a dimension whose imagery was created by mines who has access to it in dreams, in thought or in death. Monroe also insists that this Locale II is the natural environment of the second body. The technique employed by both Fox and Monroe echo those of the nineteenth-century Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, in which one would relax the body and visualize a radiant white light moving down the spine to the feet. It would than be channeled up to the head, leaving the body inactive and dormant as it did so. Finally only the head would be awake as the adept would enter a twilight zone between sleep and lucid dreaming. The magical visualization would then be accomplished by concentrating a various symbols and colors for each of the four elements or for the spirit. These give some focus for where the practitioner wishes to journey.Having established the existence of these four gateways to lucid awareness and the possibility that the dreamer actually uses a second body to travel within them, the practitioner can explore each of the portals in turn and the royal roads that lead from them.Based on his early experiences provided the lucid dreaming is connection with the brain. Because it was found that the wave patterns of the brain corresponded to those found during dreaming. They were accompanied by REMs, although, unlike dreaming, the principle of out-of-body experiences were almost immediate and did not follow the normal sequence of a sleep cycle.More Information about “The Pineal Door”The Secret of the Golden Flower, China. This is a Taoist treatise on how to circulate the light within oneself, to release the primal spirit through the square inch between the eyes (the pineal door), and to liberate the heart from the material world. 1. Gathering the Light. 2. Origin of a New Being in the Place of Power. 3. Separation of the Sprite Body for Independent Existence. 4. The Center in the midst of the conditions. of Death or Dream of AwakeningAccording to the perennial philosophy of the Hindu Vedanta, every individual process three major states of consciousness. These are dreaming, waking and imageless sleep. There is a fourth state, Turiya, which transcends and integrates them all and is the final destination of all dreams of awakening. Each of these states can be entered into in full lucidity and supposedly make up the full human potential.The bodies pretty much correspond to the five already discussed, but are known in a hierarchic order of spiritual awareness as the physical, the etheric, the astral, the mental, the spiritual, the cosmic and the nirvana. Each dream body apparently dreams according to its own set of rules or laws, and within realms and territories specific to it. As the lucid dreamer gradually apparently explores each level and approaches the nirvana level, so the dream worlds take on greater and greater “reality.