The Nations. The idea was presented by Americas

League of Nations was doomed to fail

deliberate and idiotic decisions led to the ultimate failure of the
League of Nations. The idea was presented by Americas president
Woodrow Wilson (1914-1918)and his 14 point speech in 1918. In the
speech, Wilson addressed these 14 different points to pave the way
for peace and prevent the re occurrence of another major conflict.
The goal of the league was to set up a higher body to maintain peace
and order, optimistic, but poorly executed.

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you look carefully enough it is possible to pinpoint the very
earliest failings of the league, right at the beginning it is clear
that the people who joined or rather did not join are the people who
cracked the foundations before they were put into place each of the
countries had differing reasons for not joining, but their lack of
membership inflicted massive harm to the League. Possibly the most
influential was America’s lack of attendance. Although the previous
President had thought the league up in the first place the current
U.S president was an “isolationist” and was against too much
involvement in what was thought to be local to European affairs. At
this time it was also foreseeable that America was to become a great
superpower with vast mineral wealth as well as titanic industrial
capabilities, its lack of existence in the league would lead to great
problems with involvement of other countries.

1920 and 1939, a total of 63
had been members of the Leauge, one country that isnt on the list was
America. The country s congress chose not to entangle themselves in
forigen problems after the horrific events of ww1.
of countrys

including Germany in the League of Nations at the start is perhaps
one of the greatest mistakes of their set up. Already, Germany had
had no say in the Treaty of Versailles being excluded and blamed for
the war, but also having no say in an organization which was
attempting to bring the world closer together instead of pushing
countries further apart. By not being a member hatred of the league
grew in Germany and this can be directly tied to the rise of Nazism.

fucking Germany, the whole leagues goal was to unite, clearly not

WW1 tensions were still incredibly high, countrys still felt hate
towards each other and

League of Nations lacked an armed force of its own and depended on
the Great Powers (Britain and France) to enforce its resolutions,
which they were very unwilling to do.

League of Nations failed because it had no teeth. When Italy invaded
Ethiopia in the early ’30’s, it was roundly criticized, but the
League could do little more than wag a finger.

Structure- It
required a unanimous vote of nine, later fifteen, Council members to
enact a resolution; in this case effective action was very difficult.