The Wong coming into frame, with Usman S

The episode opens with Usman S and Bilal Wong coming into frame, with Usman S stressing out about his gaming skills, which he wants to use to impress Saba, his love interest. They come across Saba, who asks Usman S to be on the Blues  team. However, she floats away and slowly becomes The Law and an annoying sound comes from nowhere, forcing Usman to clutch his ears and pin himself against the wall. The Law comes up towards Usman’s face and opens his mouth, with Cheeto, Usman’s  cat popping out and touching his nose.Usman then jolts violently as he wakes up from his weird dream and sighs with a relief. He is then, however, surprised by Bilal, who comes from the top bunk of their bunk bed. The next day at school, everyone seems to be hostile towards Usman, due to his match with Zohaib the previous day. Usman S decides to keep his head low, until Bilal  intentionally misinterprets the wording and says that he will have a party, known as Usmanpalooza. Although Usman S rejects the idea, it seems Bilal has already posted flyers (with an embarassing picture of Usman on it), since AFEEFA shows up asking about when “rock-o-clock” is (it’s the time Bilal put on the flyers. Trying to kill the topic, Usman attempts to walk away, but sees The Law down the hallway and immediately stays where they are. Bilal  finds out that Usman is scared of The Law and tells him to “stop hiding in the shadows, like the star that he is,” pushing him out into the hallway. Usman  refuses and runs back into the “shadows,” but bumps into Sir Ilyas, the principal, and is found in the office.After a talk with Ilyas, Usman is late to CF 101, his class. Ace, the teacher, and Usman don’t get off to a very good start, though. The class goes on and SABA does a run through The Pit, a course where the others will go through in order to try out for the Blues Team. Saba finishes The Pit in 39 seconds, which is just shy of the school record. However, she hears Usman saying that he can do it faster and challenges him. Usman takes two frag grenades and a tomahawk, which surprises the class. He manages to take out most of The Pit swiftly, but misses the last target with his tomahawk and accidentally kills himself, much to his dismay. Now at lunch, Usman is hopeless, saying everything in a negative way; bilal tries to cheer him up and afeefa finds out that “rock-o-clock” is 3:32, but realizes that they missed it. Saba comes and Usman instantly lifts his face from his plate with mashed potatoes still stuck on, putting sunglasses on instantly. She invites him to her party, while Bilal and Afeefa invite themselves, as the invitation was specifically for Usman S.