Then and incredible ideas has shaped the world

Then Gmail services came along and
it has become one of the world’s premiered email services, Google chrome was
introduced to improve the browsing experience. Google has mastered the search
analytics. In the process, Goggle has acquired niche companies to enter into
high growing segments of their industry “Technology. Anytime someone has a
question about something or needs to look up how to do something the universal
phrase is “GOOGLE-IT”, this to me is one of the most innovative things in the
world. Google search has become massive to the point that any other competitors
search engine will find  it tremendously difficult
to  rival it in the marketplace.


Apple’s focuses on Innovation and their
strategy is continuous innovation. That keeps them ahead of their competition.
The company has been able to position itself as one of the most technologically
advanced companies in the world. Its products are known in global markets and have
been able to capture premium segments across the world. Apples designs and products are such innovations that there is no one
company that can really compete with them and the vast majority of similar
products are nowhere near as profitable.

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In the case of Apple, their product differentiations are key
factors to capturing premium segments in Europe and North America. And even
when economies are stagnant, the company’s growth keeps on trucking. Companies
need to adopt a blend of different strategies to dynamic conditions as this is
very important to survive highly competitive markets and Apple has and
continues to lead the way by constant introduction of innovative products.

Apple, through focus, has captured the smartphone premium
segments in Europe, North America, and China. Apple started reinventing itself
and reaching other markets such as India and other underdeveloped economies
across the rest of the world despite reluctance of a these countries to adapt
to American traditions.

Some of following innovative approaches adopted by these
companies gives them sustainable innovative advantage over the rivals in global
markets: Encourage employees to adopt new ideas irrespective of the origin on
their own and has created reward system for internal and external idea
contribution on real time basis. Google encourage employees to attend
conferences and workshops on various technology related topics. Google forms product-specific
groups in the organization that helps to explore innovative ideas. It adopts
engineering concepts in new product development. Creates IT system to support
innovation internally and externally and engage with potential customer from
designing stage of the product. These two companies that I have researched
understand that they must be the masters of innovation and as such have become
the kings of these industries “Technology”. Their string of technological and
incredible ideas has shaped the world we live in.  Their innovation is more than throwing ideas
around and seeing if they stick, their innovations are ready for consumption,
it comes out polished.  These two
companies may seem similar in the surface but they are very different and they
have risen to be the behemoths, the giants of technology through constantly
bringing innovative ideas to the forefront. Google is the king of data and
Apple the king of design.