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Torrance Cameron MayEnglish 10/US HistoryMs.Patrick and Mr.Clare12-21-2017Hackers and cyber security Around 4,000 cyberattacks happen every day according to the FBI (2).  Hackers cost companies and consumers more than $445 billion or $375-575 billion annually (Risen 1).  Thirty five data records are stolen or lost every second and over three million data records are stolen or lost everyday. Hackers cause harm and damage to many people daily.  Because of hacking, the increase of security concerns have caused companies to hire white hat hackers, increase firewall protection, and regularly monitor data and records. Hackers have caused many companies, to hire white hat hackers.  White hat hackers are the good guys and black hat hackers are the bad guys.  An annual Hackathon is held where white hat hackers come together, and compete by testing for vulnerabilities in cooperating companies systems.  One of America’s most seasoned toy companies, Hasbro, as of late held a hackathon where 150 hackers came and created 45 items.  The UK is hiring white hat hackers to prevent another “WannaCry” which crippled the nation’s health care providers systems.  While white hat hackers are especially helpful in keeping the Internet safe and information private, there’s still a lot of work to be done; by you the consumer and by our government..  Also many big companies hire white hat hackers including, Apple and Google.  In addition to white hat hackers, firewall protection has increased mighty. Hacking has caused firewalls and software to become more advanced and harder to crack.  Firewalls can be separated into three main groups packet filtering, inspection, and proxy, Although each is different, they serve the same purpose of protecting computers.  Firewalls are software that usually control themselves, examples of such software are ZoneAlarm, Netfliter, and Norton 360.   A firewall can stop  viruses, which usually spread quickly from one system to the next. Viruses can be harmless pop-up ads,  messages or can be harmful erase  all of your data.  The firewall is the barrier and protection between a computer and the internet. Firewalls protect against hacking , but also companies still have to regularly monitor data. Computer systems are regularly monitored for hacking, and other threats. Companies will use windows logs to check and monitor the system if something is wrong.  A way to make it easier on yourself would be to surf the web smart; don’t click on unknown links, visit explicit websites, or websites with pirated data/files.  Many people will find that your computer is much less prone to infection if you avoid things you shouldn’t be doing on the internet.   Many softwares are made to monitor data, to reduce human error including programs such as Wireshark, and network monitor. Companies also hire people to monitor flies/data, some positions are IT’s and system analysts. IT’s look over and provide the necessary software to stop hackers and other threats.  Data monitoring, and many other steps can be taken to stop hacking. Overall hacking has forced companies to increase security of data and firewalls.  In order to do so, they have improved software and hired white hat hackers, to combat black hat hackers.  Hackers have caused an increase in firewall protection.  Hackers make companies regularly check and monitor files/data. Remember around 35 data records are lost or stolen every second and around three million data records are stolen or lost everyday. Also be safe pn the internet do not click on any links that you can’t trust.  Hackers cause many problems, but steps are being taken to stop them.